Julia truly captured Kai’s spirit and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for all the hours, hard work, and talent you put into creating beautiful portraits of my best furry friend. I know I'll cherish these paintings forever. We love them!

Alex Mynatt

Everyone that has a pet should get on a wait list if they want a keepsake of their pet. Julia's work is spectacular; she catches the soul of your pet in her work.

Gigi Rostomily

I just love having such a personal piece of  art in my home. Julia's artwork of Bailey is not  only adorable and technically accurate, but it also perfectly captures Bailey's personality and charm. I will treasure it forever.

Cheryl Musselman

I have had  several pieces done by Julia, and her work is nothing short of amazing. She captures your pet perfectly and it is a keepsake for a lifetime. I am so proud of her, and really happy that she is doing art full time, as that is what she was born to do. I love her work so much, and know you will too!!

Vicki Stevens

I was speechless and teary eyed when I saw the stunning finished portrait of Beloved Maria. Julia is a very talented painter who has a special connection with animals. She comes to your home to get to know your beloved pet - to meet, understand, and learn about their energy. She then somehow magically paints their very energy into the portrait. I was amazed when I saw and felt how the work turned out. Julia works with you to find out what exactly you are interested in and then together you make a plan.

Visala Hohlbein

Julia, thank you for the beautiful portrait of Blix you painted for us, and that I just received yesterday as a birthday gift. You have carefully, thoughtfully and exquisitely captured his loyal, loving essence -especially his eyes connecting deeply into our own eyes - and this will always remain a fresh and living connection we feel with him even though he's gone. Thank you so much!! You have a great talent!! 

Kelly Quackenbush

I surprised my husband Marco with a painting by Julia Vo of our beloved 13 year old dog, Larry, for his birthday.  He was moved to tears.  Julia captured Larry’s vibrant spirit, his wagging tail and the detail of the leaves in the forest, beautifully.  Working with Julia was a treat.  From the choosing of the photo to check-ins along the way, she communicated clearly and made the process enjoyable.  We will cherish this painting forever.

Jane Savarise


"Julia worked very hard to recreate our dog's unusual coloration and it turned out beautifully, but what really got me was the way she so perfectly captured the mischief in our pup's eyes.  Julia is so easy to work with and has impeccable attention to detail.  I will recommend her every time."

Steve Alexander


Julia‘s work is amazing and truly one of a kind.  She is simply the best! She not only captured the personality of  Webster and Bug but she was also able to paint their spirit.  Her paintings are so realistic one would think they were photographs.  I have purchased two as gifts and look forward to having portraits of my pets done by Julia in the near future!

Donna DiStefano



Julia is one of the most talented artists I have ever come across. Her portraits use vivid photorealism and capture her subject with perfection. Julia's ancestor, Hans Holbein the Younger, was a renaissance master and did custom portraits for the likes of King Henry VIII ! Once you see her work in person you will have no doubt that she is truly a master! Her art pieces are hard to believe and if you order one of them you will cherish it for a lifetime!

Jordan Stevens


We couldn’t be happier with our portrait! Working with Julia from start to finish was absolutely wonderful. She took the time to learn about our dog’s personality and guide us through selecting the best photo to use. It made such a big difference; she really captured our dog’s fun and playful spirit. Our new painting is a treasure we’ll have forever!

Caitlin Schooley


It's almost hard to put into words how much I love this portrait.  It is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts I've ever received.  I can't believe how much it looks like me and my regal cat, Greg.  It nearly feels like I'm looking at the real Greg again when I look at this painting.  I treasure this keepsake of my beloved cat.

Caroline Mark