Everyone that has a pet should get on a wait list if they want a keepsake of their pet. Julia's work is spectacular; she catches the soul of your pet in her work.

Gigi Rostomily

I just love having such a personal piece of  art in my home. Julia's artwork of Bailey is not  only adorable and technically accurate, but it also perfectly captures Bailey's personality and charm. I will treasure it forever.

Cheryl Musselman

I have had  several pieces done by Julia, and her work is nothing short of amazing. She captures your pet perfectly and it is a keepsake for a lifetime. I am so proud of her, and really happy that she is doing art full time, as that is what she was born to do. I love her work so much, and know you will too!!

Vicki Stevens

I was speechless and teary eyed when I saw the stunning finished portrait of Beloved Maria. Julia is a very talented painter who has a special connection with animals. She comes to your home to get to know your beloved pet - to meet, understand, and learn about their energy. She then somehow magically paints their very energy into the portrait. I was amazed when I saw and felt how the work turned out. Julia works with you to find out what exactly you are interested in and then together you make a plan.

Visala Hohlbein

Julia, thank you for the beautiful portrait of Blix you painted for us, and that I just received yesterday as a birthday gift. You have carefully, thoughtfully and exquisitely captured his loyal, loving essence -especially his eyes connecting deeply into our own eyes - and this will always remain a fresh and living connection we feel with him even though he's gone. Thank you so much!! You have a great talent!! 

Kelly Quackenbush